What is this about?

Peace Innovation Challenge encourages people to develop and share their ideas on how to promote inclusive efforts for community peace and security in Palestine.

The Challenge aims to inspire new approaches to strengthen women’s engagement and to provide a platform for cooperation.

Through the Challenge, and together with the participants, we want to:

  • Stimulate innovative, locally-driven, concrete ideas to leverage women’s participation in community peacebuilding efforts;
  • Bring new drive to ongoing peace processes;
  • Build new partnerships, bring in new actors, and nurture a new generation of peace builders.

Your idea can address the Challenge in any way you want. For example, it can aim to enhance community participation, access and influence in dialogue and decision making, information sharing, leadership development, coalition building or anything alike. Your idea can be entirely new or be based on an initiative that you have already worked on and want to develop in a new direction.