Criteria & Awards

Criteria for Participation

  • A team with minimum three participants from different academic or professional backgrounds.
  • The team should have both women and men.
  • The idea should focus on Palestine.
  • The submission can be an idea that you would like to implement, or an initiative that you have already tested in practice but would like to improve.
  • At least one of the team members should communicate in English to benefit from international mentors.
  • The teams must identify a contact person from within the team, whose email address is to be used for all notifications and announcements related to the Challenge.
  • Participation in the Challenge implies that the team, including every team member, fully accepts the terms of the challenge.

Criteria for selecting the finalist teams and award recipients

  • Innovation: the initiative promotes a new way to promote women’s participation in community peace and security.
  • Impact: the initiative will effectively strengthen community peace efforts through the increased participation and contribution of actors, such as women, who are customarily sidelined.
  • Scalability and replicability: the initiative can be scaled up, or implemented in another context.
  • Cooperation: the initiative promotes cooperation between different segments of society, including collaboration between men and women.


The challenge award is a grant of 10,000 USD. The grant will be awarded to at least one, and not more than three teams considered the most promising by the jury. If necessary, the jury will also determine the division of the award between several teams.

The award is a development grant for implementing the team’s idea. The awarded team must report back to the organizer by June 2019 to show that they have used the award to further develop their idea. The organizer distributing the award shall have the right to deduct and withhold any applicable taxes. If the award is not used along these terms, it can be withdrawn, or may in exceptional cases be recovered back.