Do you have an innovative idea on how to enhance women’s participation in efforts for community peace and security? Gather a team and submit your idea by 10 August 2018 here.

Support and co-creation

Peace Innovation Challenge is an opportunity to:

  • Develop your skills to increase impact;
  • Showcase your work to an expert and international audience;
  • Collaborate and network with peers and experts.

The Challenge process supports teams by providing opportunities for co-creation with leading experts with experience both in Palestine and abroad.

During the submission period, teams can seek support through the Peace Innovation Challenge Clinics organized by Masarat, where they can receive advice to help make their submission even stronger.

After the submission period, the ten (10) most promising teams will be selected to participate in the incubation phase to develop their idea further. Leading experts will provide guidance and will mentor the ten (10) finalist teams. The mentoring is done online, through face-to-face meetings, and in an incubator workshop.


The incubator is a two-day intensive co-creation session with leading experts that will speed up the development of your initiative. The experts come from various professional fields such as journalism and social media, peace and security, gender and inclusion, politics, PR, startups, business and fundraising. During the incubator period, the focus is on enhancing the design of the initiative and refining its purpose, target groups, and implementation plan.


At the end of the incubation phase, a jury of renowned experts will assess the work of all the teams. The most promising team or teams will receive the Challenge award. The challenge award is a grant of 10,000 USD that can be received by one or more teams.